Figure and Motion; Week 4

1) Tutorial


2)Gesture Drawing


3) Understanding Comics Chapters 7+8

Chapter 7

-Art, defined in this book, is any human activity which doesn’t grow out of either of our species’ two basic instincts: Survival and reproduction.

-We can’t just spend every waking hour eating and having sex

-There’s always going to be a time where there’s not a thing to do

-Art is a way to assert our identities as individuals and break out of the narrow roles nature assigned us.

-These factors, too, have their own uses from an evolutionary standpoint

  1. Provides exercise for the mind and body
  2. Provide an outlet for emotional imbalances, assisting in mental survival
  3. Often leads to useful discoveries

-Some things never change, seeing as survival and reproduction still hold the upper hand

-It’s rare to find a person or an artist who cares nothing for success.

*The creation of any art in any medium follows a specific path

-This path consists of 6 steps:

  1. Idea/Purpose : The work’’s “CONTENT”
  2. Form: Will it be a book? Sculpture? Comic book?
  3. Idiom: The genre in which the work will belong to
  4. Structure: Putting it all together; What to include or take out. The overall composition
  5. Craft: Constructing the work and applying skills; Getting the job done
  6. Surface: Production values; Most apparent feature at first sight.

-When art becomes a job, the potential for confusing one’s goals goes up.

*All works begin with a purpose.

Chapter 8

-Color has been a powerful and predominant concern throughout history.

-Some believed colors could have profound physical and emotional effects on people.

-Red, blue and green: additive because they literally added up to pure white light.

-Cyan, magenta and yellow: mix to produce any hue in the visible spectrum.

-Color comics in newspapers boosted sales

-To stand out from the competition, costumed heroes were clad in bright, primary colors.

-No one color dominated in comics.

-Flat colors have a tendency of emphasizing the shape of objects.

-Colors objectify the subject

-Flat colors were a preference, not a necessity

-Colors could express a dominant mood

-Tones and modelling could add depth

-A comic being in black-and-white or in color can affect every level of the reading experience.

-Color comics seem more “real” at first glance


About schinnery1996

My name is Shanelle Chinnery and I study Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College. It’s my third year and the last time this bio was updated was on my very first day of college. I had ended off my previous bio with my desire to grow throughout my years here in Alfred State and with my senior year on the horizon, I’m glad to say I’ve definitely grown since that day. With the variety of classes and mediums I’ve experienced during these three years, I’ve learned what grasps my attention and what strays it away. I came into college with an unclear direction of what I wanted to do in my field and to be quite honest, I’m still not sure what direction I’m going in, but I have a better idea. I enjoy the storytelling aspect of animation, but then again I also enjoy animating in 3D and would love to explore the possibility of voice acting. While I’m uncertain about the exact route of my future, I still take great pride in the how much I’ve changed, art wise. I’ve gained knowledge and experience in endless number of programs I never thought I’d be able to work around, I’ve grown accustomed to digital art rather than traditional pencil to paper art, and most importantly, I’m just a better artist in general. I could say that is my favorite achievement and I can’t wait to see what my future holds in this field.
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