Piet Mondrian

Many artists have left an influence in the way I draw and the way I come up with ideas. One artist that has influenced me in such a way is Piet Mondrian. His art revolves around the usage of squares and the composing of the colors red, yellow and blue. 64_MondrianLässtGrüssenPaintings such as the one on the left shows Mondrian’s artistic strength in balance, color and repetition. Combinations such as these attracts the audience’s eye because it’s hard not to notice. Mondrian is also known for his tree paintings. His tree paintings mainly exhibit dominance. What I find interesting in these paintings is his combination of colors. Without the colors, his paintings would just be lines across a canvas. The combination of colors he comes up with is what makes the work whole. Mondrian’s work has inspired me to actually look at colors. To find what looks good with what and what balances with what. I am a huge advocate of the usage of color because I love colors. They bring other principles such as line and shape to life. Most times I forget that random colors can’t just be thrown around. There has to be a certain balance to make it truly attractive and noticeable. As an artist, I need to remember that.



About schinnery1996

My name is Shanelle Chinnery and I study Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College. It’s my third year and the last time this bio was updated was on my very first day of college. I had ended off my previous bio with my desire to grow throughout my years here in Alfred State and with my senior year on the horizon, I’m glad to say I’ve definitely grown since that day. With the variety of classes and mediums I’ve experienced during these three years, I’ve learned what grasps my attention and what strays it away. I came into college with an unclear direction of what I wanted to do in my field and to be quite honest, I’m still not sure what direction I’m going in, but I have a better idea. I enjoy the storytelling aspect of animation, but then again I also enjoy animating in 3D and would love to explore the possibility of voice acting. While I’m uncertain about the exact route of my future, I still take great pride in the how much I’ve changed, art wise. I’ve gained knowledge and experience in endless number of programs I never thought I’d be able to work around, I’ve grown accustomed to digital art rather than traditional pencil to paper art, and most importantly, I’m just a better artist in general. I could say that is my favorite achievement and I can’t wait to see what my future holds in this field.
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