Llewellyn Gallery Week 4

Day 1

Artist: Eric Souther

Title: Impermanence

TRT: 5:04

This video was shot in black and white. The black and white aspect matched the flickering aspect of the video. Often times, the frames flickered from a calm silhouette to busy crowds. This represents the fast pace society we live in today and how we have easy access to a lot of things we didn’t have access to a couple of years ago.

Day 2

Artist: Carlos Jimènez

Title: Collage

TRT: 0:28

The style of this video is cut out. It begins with a headless cut out shooting a toy gun. The “bullet” of the toy then travels to another cut out, changing the head of it numerous times. The final change was a man inside of a TV getting punched in slow motion. The message of this video is unclear, however that is what makes it so interesting. The message can be anything.

Day 3

Artist: Jennifer Linton

Title: Domestikia

TRT: 8:29

The style this artist used is obvious. Based off of the flat characters and paper backgrounds, this style is cut out animation. This video consists of three short animations that takes place in the same setting, but with different scenarios. These scenarios did not really have a message to it. I’m not quite sure of what the artist’s intentions were, but the running theme of it all could be put into one word: Strange.

Day 4

Artist: Stephanie Loveless

Title: Torch Song

TRT: 6:00

This video revolves around a female fire dancer. As she dances, there is pop music in the background. The style of this video is a bit unknown to me. However, its obvious that the film was solarized. I think the artist’s intentions for this video was to entertain rather than have a clear message.


About schinnery1996

My name is Shanelle Chinnery and I study Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College. It’s my third year and the last time this bio was updated was on my very first day of college. I had ended off my previous bio with my desire to grow throughout my years here in Alfred State and with my senior year on the horizon, I’m glad to say I’ve definitely grown since that day. With the variety of classes and mediums I’ve experienced during these three years, I’ve learned what grasps my attention and what strays it away. I came into college with an unclear direction of what I wanted to do in my field and to be quite honest, I’m still not sure what direction I’m going in, but I have a better idea. I enjoy the storytelling aspect of animation, but then again I also enjoy animating in 3D and would love to explore the possibility of voice acting. While I’m uncertain about the exact route of my future, I still take great pride in the how much I’ve changed, art wise. I’ve gained knowledge and experience in endless number of programs I never thought I’d be able to work around, I’ve grown accustomed to digital art rather than traditional pencil to paper art, and most importantly, I’m just a better artist in general. I could say that is my favorite achievement and I can’t wait to see what my future holds in this field.
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